FashionTheBox Woven Bag

Maybe your wardrobe is full of kinds of bags, but did you lack this style of bags, woven bag, it is a kind of bag that of hand made woven bags, straw woven bags, leather woven bags, and bead woven bags.

For summer days the straw woven just fitted the hot weather, matching up with your colorful maxi dress, isn’t it a good choice? The straw woven, high quality raffia woven bags, make your summer cooler and unique.

For spring and fall days, you can choose a style of leather woven, high-quality and hand-made, the hand-made woven bags apply on the big shoulder bags, soft handling, do you want to have a try? And a style of woven bags that we can not miss, that is bead woven bag, small, cute, of different shapes, duck shape, Dora a dream shape, kitty cat shape and so on, the beautiful beads shining under the sun, did it shine you?