FashionTheBox Lace Dress

From the early 1960s palace garments, till the 21st century, the lace elements never faded on the fashion history, form the palace noble’s privilege to the broad masses of people, the lace is still place an important place.

The lace, women’s sexy and sweet combination, and the lace is changeable, apply on the wedding dress, it is romantic and warm, collide with the floral print, it is sweet and lovely, spicing with the black color, it is sex and charming.

On the FashionTheBox.com, you can select strap vest lace dress, long sleeve lace dress, hand-made beads lace dress, flower blooms lace dress, and the hottest style this year: The round neck simple cut lace dress. In addition, the transparent element is one of the hottest elements this year, then lace fabric is the right one to achieve the transparent effects.